Of the many effects from an extended recession are failed businesses and empty buildings of all types and sizes. Many of these structures occupy high-profile locations and have great potential for adaptive use, or Re-Purposing.

As you consider options for your building, consider renovating a space. We can make recommendations and even create quick concept sketches to give you a better idea of how an existing building or space could work for you. Also, renovating existing buildings is a cost-effective solution; requiring a fraction of the cost of new construction.

There are countless Re-Purposed building opportunities throughout Central Florida. Take advantage of our 40 years of new design and renovation experience, coupled with an imagination for creative, affordable solutions.

“An existing space can become new in look, feel, and purpose.”
Aviation Institute of Maintenance
Lake Mary Office Building
Lake Mary, FL
Sandpiper Condominiums
New Smyrna Beach, FL