Traditional town centers evolved over hundreds of years and have become models of modern day mixed-use developments with planned integration of retail, office, residential, hotel, recreation, or other functions. It is a movement back to pedestrian-oriented development that efficiency the intensity of land use. Mixed-use has emerged as a key component of Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), Livable Communities, and Smart Growth principles.

Our venture into the Mixed-Use market is an opportunity to employ our expertise in retail, office, residential, and parking structure design. Consideration for pedestrian scale and balance of structured and open space contribute to a sense of community, a place for people to enjoy a variety of activities. Our projects are examples of integration into existing urban settings and new town center development.

“Flexible spaces for niche communities.”
Bella Agara at Uptown Altamonte
Altamonte Springs, FL
Golden Beach Resorts
Freeport, BA
Orlando City Center
Orlando, FL
Palm Coast Town Center
Palm Coast, FL
Park Place
Winter Park, FL