Spring is Bursting!
MARCH 2017

The new year has kept BHM on their toes as clients are moving forward with conceptual ideas and converting them to projects for 2017. To that point, we have added projects that include more retail work - car washes, Starbucks, retail centers, and fitness build-outs. A brewery is moving forward and conceptual work for a residential development, as well as design and construction documents for cottages in support of the City of Sanford are also well on their way.

So along with the projects currently on the books Cam, Jerry, Bob and Angela have been helping our clients move their new projects forward. These projects are part of the heart of Greater Orlando. Many of you will walk into, shop at, or conduct business in the fabric of the architecture in which BHM is currently engaged.

Again, it is exciting and gratifying that our clients come back to us for new projects. Here is some of the conceptual work.

Free-Standing Retail Elevation
Retail Elevation
Retail Free-Standing Elevation
Small Office Building

BHM’s efforts continue with a new Parking Study/Retail study and a new tenant build-out opportunity in support of the VA.

Of one thing we are sure, smaller projects dovetail well with our larger efforts, keeping our team on the go. But most importantly, we wish to express our gratitude for those clients who continue to recognize the BHM team’s passion for the project - no matter what the size. We make each effort important.

Deborah Rusnock

BHM Architecture, Inc. offers clients a strong work ethic, detailed documentation, and an intrinsic belief in not compromising the environment by design. Every project gets our full attention - no matter what the size.

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