About BHM

Founded in 1974, our history is rich with diverse projects large and small. We seek a balance of the natural and built environment because we strongly believe our role in society is to focus on design that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future. In terms of our clients, we focus on their immediate and future needs and are resolute in our efforts to achieve the best solution within the stated budget. Each client brings forth a unique opportunity for creativity and innovation for an affordable design solution.

With a diverse portfolio, we intertwine design theory and concepts of various building types to achieve a meaningful and successful solution, grounded in sound reasoning and intended to last beyond the present.

As Architects, Interior Designers and Planners, coupled with specialized consultants, we offer a customized and cohesive project design experience, tailored to the client’s needs and expectations for success.

BHM Architecture, Inc. is now certified by both the State of Florida and Orange County as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE).

“The most exciting aspect of our WBE status is the opportunity it offers our consultant, developer, and contractor relationships to develop their team with an experienced, reliable and known partner that now has an enhanced status.”
Camala McCarter Hogue